Irvin Goldman has proven to be a highly adept financial expert as evident by his 30+ years of high-level financial investment and banking curriculum vitae, that commenced immediately upon receiving his Bachelor of Sciences in Economics and MBA in finance at New York University.

Irvin Goldman was tapped to train at Salomon Brothers in 1983. Within the next 5 years, Mr. Goldman proved himself a great asset, eventually becoming the head of the Mortgage Matchbook and senior short-term proprietary trader. Using his well-earned experience in the mortgage and finance industry, Irvin commenced his tenure as managing director of Credit Suisse First in Boston (CSFB). While as CSFB, Irvin also oversaw Repurchase Agreements, Global Futures and Mortgage Backed Securities among other responsibilities. In fact, Irvin Goldman would become one of CSFB’s youngest partners in history.

Upon leaving Credit Suisse, Irvin was hired to run Debt Capital Markets and Asset Management Divisions at Cantor Fitzgerald in the early aughts. Over a four year time span, Irvin Goldman would further hone his financial expertise by launching new Equity Derivatives, Fund of Funds and the Cantor Labs Divisions and leading Cantor’s addition to the Federal Reserve Bank’s list of primary dealers. His financially sound investments and initiatives eventually saw his advancement as sitting President and CEO of Cantor Fitzgerald.

Irvin Goldman was able to parlay his successes at Cantor Fitzgerald into a position at JP Morgan Chase as Head of Strategy for its Chief Investment Office. During his term at JP Morgan Chase, Goldman oversaw a $350bn global fixed income portfolio and served on the Global Regulatory Strategy Committee, Risk Working Group, Risk Operating Committee and Strategic Investment Committee to name a few.

After completing three decades of service to the financial sector’s banking giants, Irvin Goldman set his sights on lending his expertise as acting President and CEO of Validity Holdings, a New Jersey LLC which offers consulting in investments with other family offices, hedge funds and high net worth individuals in its

Irvin Goldman is an independent advisor representative (RIA) and currently lives in the New Jersey Area.


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